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    Aaron Burnham

    Vocals & guitar

    Jade Shipman

    Bass & vocals

    Marty Garrett


    Julie Chandler


    Mark Osta

    Drums & vocals

    The Saucy Jacks are a mod-power-pop sundae, slathered in a rich syrup of 60's British Invasion sounds, sprinkled with fuzzy garage-punk riffs, and topped off with juicy melodies so catchy you'll swear you've heard them before (but you haven't). Bon appetit! Oakland-based frontman Aaron Burnham assembled his group of merry minstrels to pick up where THE MAKES NICE left off. Using fresh melodic songwriting to breathe new life into classic Power Pop, '60s British Invasion, and the latest Garage sounds, THE SAUCY JACKS pump out pop gems that'll have you cranking up your stereo till the volume knob rockets off. Like THE BLACK LIPS and THE EXPLODING HEARTS, THE SAUCY JACKS use vintage influences as a springboard to catapult rock 'n' roll further into the new millenium. San Francisco's Chocolate Covered Records (discoverers of TY SEGALL and DREAMDATE) has released their debut long-player YOU MAKE YOUR OWN WORLD -- a bold, ambitious record that makes a real statement: The Saucy Jacks and their raved-up brand of power pop are here to stay!